Changes and General Update

Today I am wearing turquoise skinny jeans, and I feel amazing.  One of the many changes that I am welcoming (as well as shunning ’cause I have to shop quite regularly) is the chance to wear things like coloured jeans, because a) I’m a smaller size so I’m more likely to find them in a … Continue reading

Things that bother me sometimes

Since starting hard out on this healthiness/weight loss rollercoaster in January, I’ve learned a lot about how different people get healthy. Some eat the same as they always have, and go to the gym. Some make moderate changes to their diet, but go to the gym hard out, and some  make radical changes both in … Continue reading

Gym has been on hold for the last few weeks, working a day job and also in the evenings takes up most of my time! I did go last week and with all the running around and extra activity my body fat has significantly dropped which is a super great WIN! Other win’s in life: … Continue reading

  I feel like that sums up my life at the moment, and for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been working my day job, and also another job in the evenings and for a week from tomorrow it’s going to be gnarly 15 hour days with no day off for a couple of weeks. … Continue reading

I went away for a long weekend, and it was amazing. Read a whole book, went to bed early and woke up early, went on walks on the beach and just RELAXED. Amazing. Just what I needed. My eating wasn’t A grade top notch but it was three meals a day and I didn’t go … Continue reading

These days are worth it

I bought this tshirt in 2003, fits me better now than it did then really! Everything I am doing, is working. It’s not easy but as I was reminded today, one day it WILL be. Until then… (Subject is lyrics from a Degrees.k song 🙂 )


This morning’s session at the gym was one of those hard ones. I’ve been having a few of them lately. Life stuff gets in the way; job dissatisfaction is usually the big one, which isn’t helped by the fact that I know that once I’ve finished at the gym (which I don’t super love) I … Continue reading

Run, Forest!

I really mostly dislike running. I wouldn’t say I hate it as much as I used to,  just that it’s not my favourite part of going to the gym. At the moment I’m really good at running at 10.0 for 30seconds, 30 seconds at 5.5 or 6.0 on the treadmill, which is what I’ve worked up to, … Continue reading