I’m Ellen, and this funnily enough is Smaller Faster Stronger.  Facebook wasn’t quite cutting it when I wanted to post about my weight loss trials and triumphs so here it is, more space for me to ramble!

I’m a New Zealander, still living in New Zealand after a wee stint overseas. That’s where I got fat.  I ate my feelings (still do) and after some slow weight loss after I graduated uni, I’m eight months in to the rest of my life. Because really, this change has to be forever, as much as that makes me go “uuuuughhh whyyyy”.

There’s not much else to me; I work in a corporate job, have an ace girlfriend, love reading, bad t.v, cups of tea, and sleeping.

If you want to know anything else, just ask! It’s likely I’ll write about it one day anyway too 🙂



Tell me All Your Feelings!

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