So far, so good!

Everything is going swimmingly! Hurray! The scale has, for the first time ever, sneaked under 88kg and is staying there so the hardwork is paying off. The last couple of days I have been really hungry so have been eating more at breakfast but not going over 400cal generally. I’m all of a sudden a massive fan of yoghurt after never really eating it so I’m alll over that. In sensible portions of course. My sugar consumption is still a bit iffy – I know a lot of it is from fruit but still :/

Workouts for the week:

Monday – Shoulders

Tuesday – Chest and Back (PT session)

Wednesday – RPM

Thursday – Cardio (walk home? RPM kills me so something low key after that the day before!)

Friday – Legs

Sat/Sun – Rest days

Week beginning April 1st:

Monday – Steady state cardio (Bike)

Tuesday – PT session

Wednesday RPM

Thursday – Shoulders

Friday – Legs

Bet that was really interesting reading for you!

Off to RPM I go…


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