Here I go again!

It’s been a month since I last posted. That’s kind of similar to how you start confession if you’re catholic. This post has a slight confessional bend to it, where I have to say that I’ve been pretty slack eating wise. Which has meant that I the plateau that I had experienced during/after Round the Bays was a) longer than it should’ve been and b) meant I put on 2kg. I know that doesn’t sound like much but the frustration that I have been feeling has been pretty high. My weight has been going up and down between 88kg and 90kg (oh hai YOU ALL KNOW MY WEIGHT NOW). It’s a bad cycle. My weight heads down, I’m like “yay, good job self! eat some hot chips! You can totally have them because you’re losing weight”. Next weigh in, what a surprise, weight goes up, I get back on eating plan…rinse and repeat.

On Tuesday I was like HOLD UP BITCHES. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I can’t have a good week, then an average week right now. I’m not ready to be at this weight. So I have to have more than just a good week for the next while.

One big thing that helped me kick the plateau initially was finding out that my B12 levels were very, very low. B12 is a really important vitamin – it helps keep fatigue, depression and memory fog at bay, and is used to process fat/carbs/protein into energy. So not having enough B12 = tired Ellen = eating sugar to get ‘energy’.Being a vegetarian, this was always a risk so I’m on Dr’s orders to eat more eggs and dairy. Changing my breakfast from having porridge, to having corn thins and cottage cheese (I ❤ COTTAGE CHEESE), and sometimes some fruit meant that I was fuller for longer and had heaps more energy through the morning.

So knowing what I know now about where my body is at, and how it’s responding to changes the plan is:

  1. Stick with my slight change up in eating – calorie allowance is 1500 which is a lot of food if you pick the right options! So I make sure I get my ‘money’s worth’ 😉
  2. Two cardio sessions a week – one RPM, one other steady state cardio option
  3. Three strength training sessions a week – one with PT and two by myself.

It’s really damn simple.


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