Round the Bays 2013 Wrap Up!

Far out! Forgive me if I use a lot of exclamation marks in this post, just there’s a lot of things to be excited about!

Yesterday, I ran the 2013 Wellington Round the Bays. And when I say ran, I actually ran the whole way.

But to start at the beginning, because this is a recap post for me to look back on too….

The day didn’t start out the best, grey and drizzly and I was tired and nervous! What the hell had I gotten myself into, what if I need to pee halfway, what if I get too hot/too cold. All Of The Things.

Getting to the start line there was a Les Mills warm up going on…I wasn’t going to do the big group warm up but did anyways..whilst faffing with my phone and headphones and trying not to be too nervous.

I think I went to the toilet 3 times in the space of 30 minutes. Then we started a bit late and I went from not wanting to do it anymore to really wanting to start!

The countdown for the fast fellah’s started, the cannon went off and then the shuffle to the start line began. It sure was a shuffle…I got a bit impatient and went up the side but didn’t start the weird slow jog that everyone was doing.

Finally got to the start line, crossed the timing pads and off I went! I’m so so so glad I stopped training on treadmills and did street running. I really had a good idea of what pace I could maintain and it made all the difference. That and using the training plans on the Round the Bays website to build up to the day.

Once I started, I was in the zone pretty much straight away. A little overwhelmed that I had 6.8km to go but I knew my pace, I had good tunes and people were smiling and waving and the buzz was great!

First water stop for me was at the Band Rotunda on Oriental Parade, cause I hadn’t brought a drink bottle with me and I was PARCHED. Some walkers had caught up to me by that point, but I remembered my friend Richie saying the important thing was not to try go beyond the pace I was able for so I just stuck with my steady jog.

I had definitely warmed up by then, glad it wasn’t hot and sunny but it was still a bit muggy.

One foot in front of the other…I was getting there.

Honestly, not much else was going through my mind for that first 3km. Apart from the fact that I, the one who was terrible at P.E, terrible at sport was running 7km. The girl who used to weigh 120+kg, running voluntarily. Hoo boy. Bit emotional.

Water station, half way point. I was so stoked to still be running! I hadn’t set out to plain old run it, I had given myself permission to walk if I needed to but I didn’t so even though my hips were getting a bit sore I kept on running.

There were lots of smiles and waves from the sidelines, a brass band at one of the bays (now that was awesome!) and a couple of times I took off my headphones to get more of the atmosphere (most of the time it was weirdly quiet!).

The home straight and I couldn’t believe it was nearly done, all my training runs had felt so long but this one seemed to fly by!

I got a bit emotional on the home stretch. ‘Cause I made it, and I ran the whole way. And finishing the 7km was like, proof of how far I’ve come.

Feels a bit weird to be all done with it now. I don’t have to run anymore if I don’t want to (though my PT may still make me in our sessions!) but I probably will cause really, it’s not so bad! I don’t hate running so much anymore (don’t tell anyone I said that, especially all my old P.E teachers)

I’ll definitely be back for Round the Bays 2014! Big snaps to everyone who completed it, the folks at Sports Wellington for doing such a fine job in organizing it, Team Les Mills, the Hayley’s, and my sometimes supportive girlfriend 😉




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