So it’s pretty much been same old here! I’m not using the app anymore, the Round the Bays website has some great training plans whether you’re running the Half, or walking the 7km, to get you to a place where you can complete your chosen leg without keeling over 😉 So I’m on to using that as I figure whoever put them together knows the best way to train for this.

Once a week I have personal training sessions and last weeks one ripped my legs to crap so I was pretty incapable of running! It was a real hassle. However on Thursday I went for a 4km walk through Otari Bush which didn’t really help my legs but it was good to keep moving still.

The weather has been amazeballs over the last 4 days, so on Saturday I walked from Kilbirnie Park to Frank Kitts! Took me an hour give or take a couple of minutes. At no point was I like “FML let this be over” so I hope come the 17th I still feel that way! I’m going to run/walk it this coming weekend too.

Plan for the rest of this week: while the weather is so glorious, I’m getting off the treadmill and out onto the streets! I’ll probably run in Otari for Week 6, Day 1 (  as it’s a mix of flat and some wee hills so great cardio. Tuesday I have PT (I’ll have to make sure that she doesn’t cane my legs again!!), then I’ll continue to follow week 6 training.

3 weeks to go!


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