Just another update

It’s been a wee while since I blogged. Sorry about that. I know you missed me warbling on about pants and food 😉

Weight Loss and Eating

Currently I am 1kg away from having lost 20kg since January. 20kg! I feel so amazed that I’m nearly there. Nearly at a pencilled in goal weight of 75kg. What baffles me even more is that since 2009 I’ve lost 45kg (or thereabouts). Just going to let that sink in a little ’cause it just gave me a bit of a fright.

On the subject of big and scary, next February 19th I’m running the 7km part of the AMI Around the Bays! I’m really excited, have started training (using a couch to 10k app) and hope my knees don’t fail me.  Any other Wellingtonians running it?

Eating has been GREAT in the last week, meaning I’m down 1.5kg. I still have to take each meal as it comes, good decision making wise but making my lunch the night before and ensuring I have enough snacks at work really helps. Allowing a couple of treats and still losing that 1.5kg means I’m a lot wiser with my food than I ever have been.

Life Shiz

Not long until I move house, Eliza has moved out and from next Wednesday the staggered move begins as my bed etc are being collected so I have to temporarily move somewhere else before moving to the new house in Wadestown. I’m surprisingly organised and I don’t think I’ll get too stressed! The wonders of massively downsizing eh? 🙂




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