Changes and General Update

Today I am wearing turquoise skinny jeans, and I feel amazing.  One of the many changes that I am welcoming (as well as shunning ’cause I have to shop quite regularly) is the chance to wear things like coloured jeans, because a) I’m a smaller size so I’m more likely to find them in a size that fits and looks good and b) well they don’t really make skinny coloured jeans for people that are size 24. Not in my experience anyways.

Another thing that has changed is the way I prefer to work out. I really just don’t gel with group fitness.  Especially the smaller classes as it just reminds me of P.E at school. It’s unfortunate because those classes can be really great – like group personal training at a fraction of the cost. But just not my thing.

Generally – the journey is ticking along. My weightloss has been quite slow but I know why this is; I haven’t been on top of my eating. But I’m not gaining, so this is good.

I went for a really great walk on the weekend, by myself in an area that I wasn’t familiar with.  For you Wellingtonians, it’s near Otari/Wiltons Bush.  It was reasonably flat in parts (until I got to the end) and there wasn’t really anyone else about so I may have even run a bit of it! That’s another change. That I can RUN. And not want to die afterwards.

Wellness goals for this week:

* Eat clean 80% apart from planned diversions – this means sticking to the ethos of my original eating plan and choosing well if I know something  “off plan” is coming up.

Do up some interim workout plans until I get my weekly one from my PT so that I  use my workout time wisely.

General Life goals for the week (Only one thing as it really needs to be done):

Re-sort Boxes of Doom for moving. There are only 2 now Ellen, you can do this.


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