Gym has been on hold for the last few weeks, working a day job and also in the evenings takes up most of my time! I did go last week and with all the running around and extra activity my body fat has significantly dropped which is a super great WIN!

Other win’s in life:

* Getting to the gym last week, even though it was only once

* Overall, pretty clean eating!

* Stayed hydrated

* Finally found/bought a pair of new pants – this one was getting desperate. Buying pants when you’re still losing weight is a bit of a risk! 🙂

So overall life has been mostly a win.  I really did think that having a couple of weeks off would equal  weight gain but I think that by keeping my eating mostly on track (despite some production week treats) I’ve totally managed to counteract that.  And I think it’s actually been good for me! I’m  feeling more prepared to go back next week (…sometime) and get back into the swing of things.






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