I went away for a long weekend, and it was amazing. Read a whole book, went to bed early and woke up early, went on walks on the beach and just RELAXED. Amazing. Just what I needed.

My eating wasn’t A grade top notch but it was three meals a day and I didn’t go crazy so I’m happy 🙂 The water drinking wasn’t the easiest to maintain as it was tank water (and tasted..tank-y as it was a infrequently used holiday house) but boiling then cooling it did the trick!

Tonight has been preparing meals for the coming week or so, as I start doing an evening job as well as my day job! This will be a test on keeping my eating, sleeping and sanity in check!! I feel prepared, with lots of fruit and easy protein (hummus etc) for snacks and a good stash of meals in the freezer. Tomorrow will be known as Quinoa Day when I boil up All The Quinoa as it is amazing for all meals! Seriously. I should post what I use it for sometime.
There you have it! An update. Please comment on any post if you feel like it, I’d really like to hear from you! 🙂


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