Previously in Ellen’s life…

I’ll start with January 5th this year. Just before Christmas I was given a four week free pass to Les Mills. This was awesome, as I had been thinking about joining a gym after a break up as a way to get some of my mojo back and here was the perfect opportunity. When you join up, you get set up with an appointment with a Gym Instructor who chatted with me about where I was at, what my goals were, weighed me and generally got me started. My start weight was around 106kg. (when I arrived back in NZ in 2006 I was 120kg+. I know.)
To be honest, I can’t really remember much about when I first joined but what I know is that it stuck straight away. I was there most days and not long after started PT sessions with the Gym Instructor who I initially met when I started. I always thought PT would be something I would never do ‘cause of price and also I didn’t want to be shouted at, but Hayley wasn’t a dick so I gave it a go. Starting PT has been the best idea I’ve ever had, I’m lucky that I’ve been able to do it ‘cause I surely know it’s not financially possible!
Currently I’m going to the gym 5 and sometimes 6 times a week. Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesdays I’m there at sparrows fart (5.45am), Thursdays 4pm and Friday’s I’ve started going after work again.
Most of the time, I don’t mind it. It’s harder now that I’m fitter ‘cause Hayley makes me do even harder shit, but it’s so ingrained now to go that I just do it. Even though sometimes I give Eyes of Death, cry, refuse to do something, or all of the above. Every day when I think I’ve been shown all the things I hate, something new comes up. Forever I will hate burpees, mountain climbers and running. But apparently they’re good for me. So I do them. Whilst having all the feelings about how much I hate them.
I’m thinking on this blog I’ll post what workouts I did, how I’m feeling, achievements, Epic Fails, funny things, photo’s and recipes. Let’s just see how we go yeah? 🙂

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