This morning’s session at the gym was one of those hard ones. I’ve been having a few of them lately. Life stuff gets in the way; job dissatisfaction is usually the big one, which isn’t helped by the fact that I know that once I’ve finished at the gym (which I don’t super love) I have to go to a job that doesn’t satisfy me a lot of the time really brings me down.

This is what my brain becomes like – infinity loop, but more about work less about bunnies unfortunately.

Frustration also comes from feeling like I’ve made no progress, that it still feels hard.  While it is hard, it is most definitely easier than it was when I started.  And my body is definitely changing (oh hai muscles, long time no see) but instead of remembering the progress I infinite loop about the things yet to come. Which is tiring enough let alone doing this whilst doing push ups/burpees/running/bag pushes/tricep dips/pretty much anything some days. At least my brain and my body get a workout!? 😉


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